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24 Years after divorcing Connie Ferguson, see recent pictures of Neo Matsuyane

Neo Matsunyane married Connie Ferguson.

Shona Ferguson died in 2021 after twenty years of marriage to Connie Ferguson. Due to their fame in South Africa’s film and television industry, their wedding garnered attention. It’s easy to forget that Connie wasn’t Shona’s first husband since they’ve been together so long. Connie Ferguson and Neo Matsunyane split after years of marriage.

Neo Matsunyane has acted, hosted, voiced, and directed. He starred in Red Scorpion (1988) and 7de Laan (1989) over his long career (2000). Neo has achieved much in his career and personal life despite being best known as Shona Ferguson’s ex-husband.

His upbringing is unknown, however he was born in Johannesburg on January 17, 1967. His parents’ identity are unknown, but his excellent school achievement implies they valued learning at home. Neo graduated from Mafikeng Kebalepile High School in 1983. He graduated from The School of Broadcasting in 1991 after choosing a career. Neo’s 1994–1995 filmmaking education was funded by the SABC and Bateleur. Mr. John Rogers, his mentor, improved his performing arts credentials.

Neo studied script analysis at Pretoria Technikon and with Dov Simens at the Hollywood Film Institute to prepare for a career in entertainment.

After graduating, he jumped into film and television, securing roles in many films.

Neo gained famous after playing Kelebone in 1998. After Class of ’92, he had small roles in Generations, On the Right Track, Grondbaronne, and Maitemogelo. Neo Matsunyane dated Masilo (Connie Ferguson) in the early 1990s. They probably met throughout their acting careers, but we don’t know when or how.

The two creatives married in 1993 and had a good run before splitting up. In 1998, Connie and Neo divorced after five years.

In 2001, Connie married Shona Ferguson after being apart. When Shona died in 2021, the union ended tragically. Neo hasn’t dated since Connie left. While advancing his career, he spends much of his time parenting and grandparenting. He named both Lesedi and Momo, his unrelated daughters.

Both daughters are entertainers like their parents.

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