25+ Best White and Black Nails Manicure & Polka Dot Nail 2017

Black on white, white on black. What could be bigger than a win-win classics? Alone the abstract in the brightest of its manifestations. Take a bright band of about-face french, bendable white-black gradient, and your manicure for any break will be a absolute admired of any season, at any time, anywhere. Believe me, with such nail-art, not every brilliant on the red carpeting compared with you in appearance and accomplishment of taste!

Black-and-white french manicure needs no introduction. However, the adept was able to accompany a bite to the classics, do not afflict the equilibrium. Atramentous and white colors alternating not alone on altered fingernails, but additionally on both hands, and altogether fabricated adverse arrangement accordingly apparel it. Matte burnish enhances the able combination.

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