“A real Gemini”: Sassy baby has SA in stiches, hates fam singing her bday song

Baby Goes Viral for Unimpressed Reaction to People Singing Her Happy Birthday, Whenever someone sings a happy birthday song to a child, the kids would always be happy, even if it is not yet their birthday.

It was not the case for a little girl who seemed unimpressed on her special day as her lovely mother and friends sang the birthday song as she turned a year old.


Unimpressed cute baby

In the hilarious clip shared by Mariam, the cute girl’s mother, on her Instagram page, Amira, the birthday girl, was not looking elated.


“If unimpressed was a person,” the American mum captioned.

Amira, dressed in a lovely dress, sat comfortably on a chair as everyone else sang the familiar celebratory song to her.


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Cute mad face


Her facial expression told it all as she looked unbothered by the joy of everyone in the room and the song.

She rested her chin on her left hand as she occasionally stole glimpses across the room while everyone was immersed in the birthday song.

One could hear some giggles as the little princess showed no happy emotions in such a cheerful energy room.


Fans react to viral video


Netizens could not help but laugh and wonder why baby Amira was unhappy with the song, as they stated in the comment section.



” too funny, but you can’t be mad at the cute face .”


“She’s definitely looking like, “what else y’all got because this ain’t it!”. .”


“Like a true Gemini. Happy Birthday princess.”


“The Amira’s hit something different just prepare for a lifetime of sass and facial expressions of immediate disappointments! Oh and just wait until they start talking back! you might as well pick up your feelings and pack them in a box but on the bright side, they will go to war behind you no matter who it is!

Daddy, grandma, auntie, brother, cousin, whomever .”


“My face when those who don’t like me still sing for meI be like really?.”


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