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Adunni Ade: “Once you are hated in the industry, they would do anything to see you fall” Nkechi Blessing speaks out

Nkechi Blessing reacts to Adunni Ade 250000 debt to Murphy Afolabi

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has shown support for her colleague, Adunni Ade.


Kemi Filani reported that the late actor, Murphy Afolabi’s burial committee had publicly called out the actress for being indebted to the deceased.


Adunni Ade, on her part, had debunked the claims as she stated that she had refunded Murphy Afolabi’s money before his death.


Showing support for her, Nkechi Blessing stated that when one is hated in the movie industry, people in upper power would do anything to bring such a person down.


She, is, however, grateful that Man isn’t God.


“If they don hate person for that their industry they will go to any length to see that person fall. Thank God say man no be God…. It’s well!”.


Joining Nkechi Blessing, Adewunmi Fatia and Alesh Sanni had weighed into the debt claims.


Alesh Sanni wrote, “Just imagine but why… Haba now


Adewunmi Fatia wrote, “I don fight tired rubbish”.


Nkechi Blessing reacts to Adunni Ade 250000 debt to Murphy Afolabi

Adunni Ade finally breaks silence on alleged N250,000 debt to late Murphy Afolabi with proof


Kemi Filani reported last night that Adunni Ade had addressed claims that she owed her late colleague, Murphy Afolabi N250,000.


Earlier in the day, Adunni Ade had been publicly called out for allegedly owing him.


During his 8-day Fidau Prayer held in his honor, his burial committee called out the actress for being indebted to Murphy Afolabi.


The committee claimed that Adunni Ade owed Murphy Afolabi N250,000 before his death.


They urged her to return the money.


“Adunni Ade please return the N250,000 that you are owing the Late Murphy Afolabi”.


Reacting to it through a public statement by her team, Adunni Ade debunked the reports of being indebted to the late actor.


According to her, Murphy Afolabi had reached out to her for a job last year and had paid her the sum of N150,000.


However, she was unable to deliver the job due to the death of her brother and refunded the actor his money when he tried to make another agreement with her.


To back up her claims, Adunni shared screenshots of her debit transaction.

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