AKA’s Close Friend Don Design Gets Attacked For Returning To Groove After The Death Of AKA

Even though death is a part of the human journey, it will always come as a shock every time it occurs. And whenever it hits closer to home, people deal with accepting the loss of a loved one in different ways, and some might be judged for it. A few weeks ago, South Africans were left in shock and still in mourning after it was reported one of the most celebrated and loved rappers in the country is no more. He was murdered just outside of an establishment where he went with his friends to eat, and in his last moments before he was killed, a video was shared of how happy he seemed to be there, with those he loves.

Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, was shot right in the head and instantly died; this broke the hearts of many people in the country, even those who were not fans of his. Although CCTV footage of the moments before and when he was killed was released, to this day there haven’t been any updates as to whether or not progress has been made in his case, if the killers have been found, or why he was killed.

During the time there were many speculations that the people he was with could have known that he was going to be killed, and from the CCTV footage many people started pointing fingers at his close friend Don Design, speculating that from the footage he is seen giving signals to the shooters. But he claimed his innocence, and AKA’s parents have also stated that he had nothing to do with their son’s death.

It has been almost 3 weeks since the passing of the rapper, and he has been laid to rest. Even though many people still suspect that his friend might know something and has been attacked recently for being back in the groove after the passing of AKA, footage of Don Design was posted on Instagram of him playing music at a well-known establishment, and some people claimed that it was disrespectful and too soon for him to be returning to DJing and that his timing was insensitive. Others stated that he needs to go back to work because that is the kind of job he does.


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