AKA’s friend accused of having a hand in killing AKA breaks his silence

To many it is still unbelievable that Kiernan Jarryd Forbes is really gone and will never see and hear him performing someone. He got shot on the other Friday when he was from celebrating his pre birthday party with his friends in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province.

After few days, the CCTV footage got released and people started assessing it. Many started accusing AKA’s friend whom was seen doubtful on the Video. It was like he knows something since he was not comfortable and his eyes were making all over. Since then many people named him Judas Escariort.

Now it had been reported that Don Design finally speaks up after circulating rumours that he had a hand in his friend AKA’s murder.

Don Design spoke out on Monday 21 February 2023, as he paid a heartful tribute to his long-time friend. Family and friends laid the rapper to rest on Saturday, during a private funeral. AKA’s mother made it clear during the memorial service that she’s not taking people’s theory by saying that Don Design is her son and she loved him. 

The music DJ and creative director said he was shattered by AKA’s death and said penning this message was difficult.

He shared several pictures of himself and AKA over the years.

Source : https://t.co/Rxtz6thITw


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