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[AKA’s Murder] Did The SAPS Arrest The Wrong Suspects? See What People Are Saying On Twitter

Yesterday (Monday 27 March) it was reported that multiple suspects have been arrested and questioned for their alleged involvement in the cold blooded assassination of popular South African rapper AKA, it is reported that the suspects are currently in police custody after they were arrested in Cape Town after they allegedly moved from Durban following the assassination of AKA.

However, a lot of South Africans on social media site Twitter are not convinced that the police arrested the right suspects, as they believe that the suspects who were spotted in the CCTV footage during AKA’s murder were slimmer and thinners compared to the suspects that were arrested yesterday who are chubbier…

“Haai the video had 2 slim built figures, who are these heavy weights???”

“Nope , their bodies don’t match those we saw on the vid . SA’s justice system 🚮”

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