AKA’s suspected killers confuse Mzansi by their new appearance, “Did they gain weight?”

AkA’s killers confuse everyone by they’re new appearance, Mzansi thinks they gained weight:

The catching of suspects who are supposed AKA’s killers were recently caught and they had everyone confused by they’re new appearance and dramatic change. Many were not convinced that they were the same hitman who murdered AKA in public with a handgun.


Leaks of photos and videos of man suspected to be AKA’s killers have been roaming all over the internet as people were questioning said leaked pictures to be of accurate information or they’re completely different people. Mzansi had noticed the change in they’re body structure and appearance as they went on to say that,

The person who actually murdered AKA on public seen on CCTV was not fat but was of a skinny types of a person. Many went on question themselves if they’re seeing the right thing or they just have bad eyesight. All the man who were caught by the detectives didn’t look the same as the person who actually pulled the trigger to murder AKA on an event.

2nd photo:

3rd photo:

Thumbnail photo:


I personally think that the detectives might’ve caught the people who are of different appearance because they might’ve been involved in the killing of South African celebrity AKA on an event, and they might’ve useful information about who actually wanted AKA to be taken out, or the person who actually hired said hitman to be put to justice also.

Many South Africans were confused and went on to share they’re own opinions towards the matter, Here are some of the tweets shared by Twitter users,

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