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Anele Mdoda likes Terry Pheto’s mansion even when there were no bids, See Why?

So, apparently, though “Tsotsi” movie star, Terry Phetho’s mansion went on auction yesterday, and no one placed a bit for it. Were people expecting to pay 600k for a multi-million Rand house? Or they just didn’t want the bad luck that came with it.

According to sources, the bid for the house opened at 4 million and closed at 2.5 million, but still, no one bought it. Obviously, with houses on auction, you expect to pay well less than the normal value, because the bank or whoever is responsible wants it gone. But, no one was interested in paying millions for Terry’s house.

Don’t get me wrong, the house is very beautiful and luxurious, and buying it for 2 million would have been a bargain, but still, no one was interested. That might not last at all because it seems like television personality, Anele Mdoda might be eyeing the house. She took to Twitter to say that she likes Terry’s house.

“I like Terry’s house yhaz”, Anele tweeted.

Tweeps told her to just buy it for her son Alakhe, or maybe Alakhe can buy it himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if that child can already afford a multi-million Rand house. Some tweeps were not happy with how high the price of the house is while the interior is not that amazing.

@NkagiM wrote, “Couldn’t Terry put aside R1mil from maybe Soweto township empowerment what to pay an interior decorator? Her bathroom makes me so sad”.

It seems like Anele might just take the decision to buy Terry’s mansion, anyways what do I know I’m just shocked that the house didn’t get any buyer, but maybe by the time we talk about the house again, Anele might be the new owner. Do you think she can buy it? Leave a comment and let us know.

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