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Another SA musician died in the morning

It is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news to Nkosinathi’s friend that he has passed away.

Another member of the Afro-pop group, Mina Nawe, who was 41 years old when she passed away, has also passed away.

After battling an illness for several months, Nkosinathi “Carlo” Mpanza passed away early on Friday morning, March 3.

The information was validated by his brother, Nkosiphambili Molapisi, who spoke with the Daily Sun.

“Since he was ill, he traveled to Zimbabwe for a period of two weeks in the month of October. He was working with a musician by the name of Jeys Marabini. For his record, he served in multiple capacities, including that of executive producer and consultant.

He had just returned when he fell ill. Since October until now, he has been admitted to the hospital five separate times. He explained that his patient did not make it because his kidneys were failing, which ultimately led to his death.

According to Nkosiphambili, they do not yet have a clear understanding of what caused Carlo’s condition.

“There is no clear indication as to what took place with him.”

“We visited a number of different hospitals in an effort to figure out what was wrong with him, but none of them could shed any light on the matter,” he continued.

This week will see his funeral take place.

Nkosiphambili continued by saying, “The funeral is planned for Thursday; all that remains is to confirm the date.”

The untimely passing of Carlo follows closely on the heels of the passing of another member of the band, Zanele “Mazet” Maseko, in the year 2020.

The Afro-soul band was recognized all over the world for their hit songs such as “Lengoma” and “Where I Wanna Be,” which earned them multiple awards.

Candid “Manchild” Shaw is the only one who made it out alive. Please follow my page for extra information that is kept up to date, and after reading this article, you should not be afraid to share your meals with the rest of us.


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