Caution: If You Use Capitec Bank You Must Be Aware Of This Scam, See How This Lady Lost Her Money

We are living in a world where everyone is looking for ways to make easy cash. The use of technology is to make things easier, but modern people misuse it. They use it to scam and rob other people. Nowadays, it’s even scary to greet people at the shops and ATMs because of the fear of becoming a scam victim. Many people have taken to social media to warn others about the scams they have experienced, but at some point you won’t even suspect that you are being scammed because those people are too professional and convincing.


Speaking of that, there is a lady who took to social media to warn people about a scam that she was a victim of. She said she went to Shoprite and did a cashback because she wanted hard cash. On her way from Shoprite, she met some two people at the entrance, and they told her that there was a promotion that might make her win money. They requested her Shoprite smart shopper card and her slip so that they could enter her in the competition. She gave those people what they wanted, and they asked for her ID while they were busy entering something on a certain machine. While they were busy, she suspected that she might want to be scammed, so she snatched her card and left.


She rushed to a nearby saloon, where they told her that’s how those people work. They tried to lock her banking details, but it was too late; money had already been taken out of her account. She suspects that those people used the number on the slip to get her banking card number and also used her ID number to be able to log in on her banking app and take all the money. Mind you, she was using Capitec Bank.

In the past few days, we have seen so many reports about people who got scammed, and most of them were using Capitec Bank. It seems like Capitec security is easy to crack; people are losing their hard-earned money to scams; people are being warned that they should stop giving people their identity numbers and other personal details because scammers are out in large numbers trying to scam people.


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