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Check what people are saying about Khanyi Mbau that left them in stitches

A South African actress, musician, television host, and socialite by the name of Khanyisile Mbau. She gained notoriety for her roles as the second Doobsie in the SABC 2 soap opera Muvhango, as Mbali in the SABC 1 soap opera Mzansi, and as After Nine in the SABC 1 miniseries.

Khanyi Mbau is a well-known South African television personality and actress who gained notoriety for both her skin selections and her television roles. Her skin tone has been lightened.

Since one can remember, people have been talking about Khanyi Mbau’s change in skin tone. The media celebrity has reportedly spent a lot of money trying to achieve her “light” ambition of having lighter skin.

She had been accused of bleaching her skin, but she kicked at such, insisting she merely lightened her skin, schooling her fans on the difference between lightening and bleaching.

People tend to make fun of her skin lightening to a point were they compare her with this mask, this left so many people in stitches.


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