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Check Who was Spotted with Malema outside East London Magistrates Court, This Cause a Stir

CIC Julius_S_Malema , The EFF SG Dlamini Marshall and the EFF TG Omphile Maotwe outside East London Magistrates Court

The Court hasn’t yet opened due to load shedding. The ANC keeps on failing us, and it’s time we stand up and fight. Now imagine IPP private sector saying, they music has not paid the bill. We will switch on once payment is made. Aside that, he is represented by a top criminal lawyer in Adv. Hodes, the State’s case hinges on shaky ground (cartridge found months after the event) to prove the gun is real.

Hodes said, it could ve been planted & that alone throws the case away. I see an acquittal, Where does he get his suit? The wannabe Gucci revolutionary-Mao Zedong store? Yet when we call for a shutdown precisely against these things that impact our democracy we’re labeled anarchists.

I am a Capitalist at heart, I believe performance and rewards. I got to perform and I got to be rewarded by or at my little small business. I can’t join Leninists and Marxists who only rewards the leader with God status and leave the masses in destitute and hunger, Julius malema built nothing in safrica the best he can do is to sell EFF t-shirt to his voting. No don’t fight, fix, yours are one of them, you’re getting paid every month from the taxpayers to phalamendeni, you are part of the problem fix stop making noise. Standing in court because you are criminals and taking a swipe at the load shedding. That’s rich.

You invited this prof to address the fighters in your event. Only for him to tell CIC that he is fraud. Fighters were clapping hands in agreement to what he was saying. Anarchy us when a group of people, say 6% of the voters, say it is their constitutional right to make the country of 6million people stand still for a day, close all main roads and stop productivity.

Torture is when you know yr president and security cluster will just sleep it over. And how many times did you little w@nkers vote to keep the ANC in power before you decided to open your own criminal cult?


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