Emotional Scene As Dj Somebody’s Family Enters The Memorial Service Venue


Death be not proud no matter what people say about him at the end of the day he was a father , a brother a husband and uncle to his family. He did not deserve to die like that. Everyone is a sinner in God’s eye so God is the one who judges our sins not a human being.

Even if they can eliminate him at the end of the day we are all going to die. No one is going to live this earth until the end of time. All of us we are going to die and at times the way you kill people you will die the same way.



Today it is memorial service of Dj Somebody and they are all wearing all white. It was so emotional when his family enters the venue. The wife could not control her emotions , she is shattered. How is she going to live without her husband.



Death is painful and it can never be accepted and in God’s eyes the killer has created a very big sin. One-day the killer will pay for his sins. Looking at his family is so painful. Death goes around tomorrow it will knock on your door. No one is above God.





Content created and supplied by: Gra0707 (via Opera News )

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