” He was poisoned ” Popular Psychic Reveals The Alleged Cause Of Costa Titch’s Death

The death of any artist is always a tragedy, but the sudden loss of young talents like AKA and Costa Titch is particularly devastating. These artists had a huge impact on the South African entertainment industry and their music touched the lives of many people. Their untimely deaths have left a void that will be hard to fill.

It is important to remember the contributions that these artists have made to the entertainment industry and to celebrate their legacies. The outpouring of grief and tributes from fans and colleagues is a testament to the impact that they had on people’s lives. Their music will continue to live on and inspire future generations of artists.

The South African entertainment industry has been rocked by the recent deaths of several popular artists. These deaths have left many fans and industry insiders in shock and heartbroken. The most recent loss was that of Costa Titch, a rapper who passed away after collapsing. While the cause of his death is still unclear, there are speculations that it could have been an epileptic fit. However, a psychic has claimed that she knows the cause of his death, alleging that he was poisoned by a female friend who spiked his drink before he went on stage, and that the spirits on the other side have stated that Costa Titch felt like it was a trap,and he should have drank water instead.

The circumstances surrounding Costa Titch’s death are particularly concerning. If the allegations of poisoning are true, it raises serious questions about the safety of artists in the entertainment industry. It also highlights the need for better security measures and protocols to protect artists from harm.


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