Here Are The 6 Worst South African Soapie Actors – Opinion

It’s unfortunate that many people in the acting industry can’t actually perform the tasks required of them. Some of them got lucky, and others are in it for the fame and fortune.

The following are, in no particular order, the ten worst actors and actresses to ever come out of South Africa:

Count One: Larona Moagi – Tumi (The River)

In The River, Larona Moagi, a stunning South African actress, played the character of Tumi (Itumeleng). In the Telenovela, she is a fearless young woman who refuses to let the avarice of her elders quiet her. It’s likely news to many, but this is her only broadcast appearance to date.

There have been rumors that the show’s creators may have caved to audience pressure and decided to murder off Tumi.

The public has been pressuring Larona Moagi to intervene in order to preserve Tumi’s life for years, and they’ve grown increasingly irritated with her lack of response. Actress Moshidi Motshegwa, who often clashed with Larona Moagi, once made a remark about Larona Moagi’s acting, or lack thereof.

2) Katlego ‘Kat’ Seleka, Patrick Seleka (Skeem Saam)

Both the actor and the chef are locals of Seshego, a township in the South African province of Limpopo. Patrick married his sweetheart Mmabaneng and gave her the name Sekela, which he had always wished he could have. These two say they were meant to be together after realizing how nicely their personalities and interests compliment one another. Two wild and chaotic years of marriage hasn’t changed how they treat each other.

Nonetheless, some fans of Skeem saam have complained that Patrick isn’t a convincing actor because of how natural he seems in front of the camera. Based on his current performance, it’s clear that this is not the professional path he had in mind. He should probably focus on his music instead of acting.

Thirdly, Raphael Griffiths, Zithulele (Imbewu)

Like many actors, Raphael has hit rock bottom after receiving vicious criticism on social media. Because of how severely depressed he was, he was required to see not one but two therapists at once.

Some viewers voiced their opinion that greater acting training would benefit Raphael. Though the actor doesn’t seem to send out any particularly negative vibes, some critics say he also doesn’t offer much in the way of positives.

Four, Lunga Shabalala – (The River)

Lunga Shabalala was generally plain odd and unapproachable. Despite significant criticism of his performance on The Rive from viewers at home, the TV host has remained upbeat. Despite the backlash, he has already moved on to his next TV part and has ambitions to further his acting career.

The young actor, 31, said he was unmoved by the recent criticism he received for his performance since “people talk all the time.” Instead, he decided to keep his spirits up and hope for the best.

Number Five: Sharon Seno-Marang (Muvhango)

Botswana-born Sharon Seno’s breakout role came as Marang on the SABC2 daytime drama Movhango. As of 2013, Sharon was well-known due to her top-five finish at Miss Botswana. Sharon fulfilled all of the requirements and deserved to be in the top five.

Previously, we had faith in Marang’s acting skills, but the bulk of #Muvhango followers have been vocal about their distaste for her physical appearance and the quality of her performance on social media. This actress seems completely disinterested in her job and makes it abundantly clear that she is being filmed at all times.

Number Six: Ntando Duma, Mpho (The Queen)

When Ntando Duma is mentioned in the news, it’s always for the worst reasons. The short dress she wore to Shona Ferguson’s funeral drew much ridicule on social media. A large number of people became infuriated and began mocking her on online platforms. The veteran performer, on the other hand, is a South African actress and TV star. She became well-known as the host of the Craz-e World livestream on’s Craz-e block aimed towards young adults. She played the part of Zinzi Dandala on the soap series Rhythm City. However, the show’s declining ratings ultimately led to its cancellation earlier this year.

Ntando made waves in 2020 after being cast as ‘Mpho’ on The Queen, a popular Netflix series. Her performance on the Mzansi Magic drama series has been met with criticism from many of her followers and viewers. Antoinette’s superiority versus Ntando was a major factor in why many of her fans sided with her over Duma. Some have claimed that the casting team made a mistake by giving Ntando such a nice part when they could have challenged her acting chops by having her frequently break character.

Eighth Place: Leeto, “Skeem Saam”

Inevitably, Eric Macheru will be brought up in any conversation about Skeem Saam. Macheru is the most well-known actor in South Africa because of his portrayal as Leeto Maputla on the SABC one series.

There has been a rumor that Erich Macheru might benefit from taking acting classes. They say his delivery is average at best and average at worst. His lawyer ego is on the precipice, and he needs a little help over the brink. Most viewers will agree that actors and actresses who give 100% to their characters cannot have a consistent emotional cadence. He should try to adjust his body language a little.

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