High Earning South Africans Show Off Their Payslips, Leaves the Rest of Mzansi With Chest Pains

A social media user Keletso (@KeletsoMss) took to Twitter to get peeps to share how much they take home on payday.

Many users were quite comfortable sharing photos or screenshots of their payslips while many South Africans were left stunned by the online challenge as well as by just how much their peers earned.


Keletso captioned the tweet:

“Pay slip thread?”


Saffas responded and while many take some a healthy paycheck, many were left wondering what it is they do for a living as they couldn’t relate.


Check out the Twitter post and some of the responses below:





@mxo_mthalane commented:

“Ake ngizibhekele intombi ehola kahle sijole. Aibo abantu babhanqa umholo wami kabili or kathathu. Kanti nisebenzaphi?”





@Mbuzo0505 said:


“Some people are earning money that doesn’t require to be printed, some payslips must be digital, Naahh I suspect some payslips are cooked, more than 59k the payslip must be digital.”


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