I Have a Family to Feed – Portable Responds to the Claim That He Put on Unbranded Clothes

Fame is one of the numerous things associated with Stardom and this can be seen about the famous indigenous singer, Portable following his rise into prominence after his infamous feature of the established artiste, Olamide on the hit song “Zazzu Zeh”.

Though, his life has changed markedly financially and socially, many people are still of the opinions that he has some behaviours which he should have left.

With the recent post by Portable on social media, he has responded to another thing people usually notice about him which is him putting on unbranded clothes like other artistes.

Famous celebrities are expected to be on branded stuffs everytime, but this is not most times witnessed from Portable and his reply in a recent social media post explained how he is not bent on impressing the public, but, taking good care of himself and his family.What do

 you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Content created and supplied by: Surdhiq (via Opera News )

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