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“I like Terry’s house” Anele Mdoda shows interest to Terry’s house

It would not be such a bad idea for her to buy it

Anele Mdoda has taken it to social media to reveal that she like Terry’s house which is up for an auction. Anele Mdoda has a lot of money and I am sure if she decides to buy it, it will look good for her.

Anele should show support to Terry during this difficult time, and buying this house it will take Terry out of trouble with the law. Anele will not buy because the house was not bought through hard work but with corruption money.

Anele must not buy it even thought she likes it, I suggest that she must buy another one but that looks like this one. Some of her fans are advising her to buy it a d some do not think it is a good idea. Anele will decide what she does.

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