Joy as Lady finally welcomes her first child after 5years of waiting (Photos)

Lady identified as Chioma Royal Okezie has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she finally becomes a mom after 5 years of waiting. Oh this can only be God! The miracle worker.

Y’all can imagine the pains she’s been through All this 5 years, the names calling from friends and relatives, the mockeries etc



Only women can fathom this miracle! Her joy knows no Bounds, y’all can agree with me that the joy of every woman is her child.



Truely Women go through A lot in quest for childbearing. Isn’t easy for every woman, sometimes during this quest you will hear some medical cases like Blocked fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture, miscarriages and some medical situations that might delay childbirth or cause delay in conception.


Having your baby immediately after marriage is a great miracle that can’t be taken for granted.





The latest mom while sharing her testimony on social media, in her words she wrote:


I survived d delivery room!is a son after 5yrs of waiting, please thank d Lord with me and to everyone looking for d fruit of womb u are next to testify in Jesus name amen


Congratulations to you Mom, your home is blessed. To all the awaiting mom’s out there get ready to carry your child.



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