Look At Recent Pictures Of Siyacela That Left Mzansi Talking. See What People Have Noticed

Siyacela is falling apart due of financial issues. For the first time, we see Siyacela on national television, and he’s smoking a cigarate. After seeing him smoke a cigar on live TV, supporters and watchers of #isencaneLengane were shocked—but he has no remorse.

Tobacco use is illegal in South Africa, but that didn’t stop Siyacela Dlamuka from lighting up a cigarate on national television during this episode. Siyacela is having trouble breathing while smoking a cigarette. During the final season’s diary session, spectators saw Siyacela’s rapid breathing on screen.

Some are starting to wonder if he just started smoking recently or if he was always a smoker. After her father’s death, viewers believe Siyacela could have picked up smoking. In the previous episode, Siyacela said that his father’s death had left him feeling isolated because his father had been his sole human connection.

In this episode, viewers see Siyacela monitoring every phone call Thando makes, even those to her father. Thando’s uncle and aunt believe that Siyacela and Thando married for the wrong reasons and are placing the blame on Thando’s mother and Siyacela’s father.

Aunt Pinky and Thembinkosi may not be popular, but they always tell it like it is. Many people don’t have such a close relationship with their families, yet despite Thando’s repeated disrespect, her family continues to try to help her. Due to Siyacela’s isolation tactics, they can only contact her through the show, which he is using to hold her captive. He won’t even allow her talk to or see her own parents.

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