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Look what Ace Magashule spotted doing yesterday | Incredible work by him

Former African National Congress Secretary General Ace Magashule and founding Member of Tumahole Legacy Foundation has appreciated and honored School Principals, Teachers, Parents and the class of 2022 top achivers from Ngwathe municipality.

Former African National Congress Secretary General Ace Magashule sponsored laptops to Free State’s top matriculants achievers.

This is incredible work by the former African National Congress secretary General Ace Magashule. In several occasion, he has been seen in action helping building community in different ways.


” While others stash their money under mattresses,Cde Ace Magashule use his money to help students with laptops because he believe in education,thank you leadership.”

” Ace Magashule is a true leader love him or hate him,we didn’t follow politics in the 90’s or 2000’s we know about propaganda & we are aware that forces that were syndicately operating under apartheid still exist & their mandate is to make the country ungovernable by black people”.



Content created and supplied by: Mukona94 (via Opera News )

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