Man buys food & books for 3 kids who got money at party & wanted to give their mothers

Remember 3 Kids Who Picked Money at Party & Wanted To Give Their Mums? Man Buys Books, Food for Them in Video, Luck has smiled on the three Nigerian kids who picked money at a party and spoke about how it will change their lives and families.

In an earlier report, a man called Ogori Harrison conversed with the kid, wanting to know what each of them will do with their money.


He feed and got them school books

One of them said that he will love to buy school materials with his, while the other two revealed how they would ease their mothers’ struggles with it.


In a new video shared on his TikTok page, Harrison took the kids to a bookshop and got them school materials.

As if that was not enough, the man took them out to a restaurant and bought them good food and drinks.

Watch the video below:





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some of the reactions below:

Victoria imole oluwa said:

“much money into ur account.”

Nancy Gift said:

“I don’t know why am crying.”

Zaddy Smile said:

“i swr im crying n happy at the same time God bless u I followed u cus of this.”

Qunnie_presh said:

“God bless u bro.”

Spencer said:

“God will help you as you help this kids my brother.”

Kelvin the twin said:

“Watin Dey ocor, normally the good heart nor too get but e Dey give, why God nor go bless.”

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