Man proposes to childhood girlfriend after reuniting 20 years later (video)

A young man has announced his engagement to his first love and childhood girlfriend after 20 years apart.

Sharing their unique love story, the man identified on Twitter as @syke_sga revealed that he and his now fiancée dated as children, but they split up and recently reunited after 20 years.



According to him, their relationship is the healthiest and most fun filled one he’s been in since he started dating


He shared photos of them at the engagement when she agreed to be with him and cheered to their union lasting forever.


The man wrote; ”I proposed to this beautiful woman this past Saturday. She was my first love and girlfriend as a young boy, and 20 years later we reunited and it’s been the l healthiest, loving, and fun relationship I’ve ever had.



Similar to back then. Cheers to forever.”




Watch the proposal video:





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