Meet The Wives Of PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku And Things You Should Know About Them

Check out the adorable wives of the 2023 People’s Democratic party Presidential Candidates. Atiku Abubakar GCON and few things you should know about them.

1) Amina Titilayo Atiku


1) Amina Titilayo Atiku Abubakar is the first wife of Atiku and they got married to Atiku Abubakar in 1971.

2) Amina was born on June 6 1949.

3) Amina is the founder of women trafficking and child labour eradication foundation (WOTCLEF)and it led to the establishment of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

4) Amina was the second lady of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007.

6) Amina has 4 children with Atiku.


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2)Ladi Yakubu.

1) Ladi Yakubu Abubakar is the second wife of Atiku and she got married to Atiku in 1979.

2) in 1983, Atiku divorced Ladi shortly after Atiku got married to Princess Ruqayyat.

3) Ladi has 6 children with Atiku.

Ladi and her son Abba.

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3) Princess Ruqayyat.

1) Princess Ruqayyat is the third wife and and she got married to Atiku in 1983.

2) Ruqayyat has seven children with Atiku.

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4) Fatima Shettima Atiku.

1) she has six children with Atiku.

2) She is the 4th wife of Atiku got married to Atiku in 1986.

Fatima and Atiku at their daughter’s graduation.


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5)Jamila Abubakar

1) Jamila Abubakar was Atiku’s 5th wife and they got married in 1990.

2) Jamila has 3 children with Atiku.

3) Jamila was formerly known as Jennifer Iwenjora Douglas, Atiku changed her name after they got married.

4) Jamila is from Anambra State.

5) Jamila was the Nigerian Television Authority News correspondent in the 1980s, later moved to and became a citizen of the United States.

6) She got married to Atiku in 1990.

7) She was a lawyer and was called to the bar.

8) Jamila and Atiku got divorced.


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6) Moroccan wife.

The Moroccan wife is the last wife of Atiku Atiku and they welcomed a child in 2021. There are not much revealed about her on social media. She is now the 4th wife because Atiku divorced Ladi xand Jumila.


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