Modern Manicure with glitter

Excellent advantage blithe manicure – architecture with dry glitter. In the archetype acclimated bright particles polyhedral shaped cells. They are beautifully caked and fashionable architecture make-rough.

Manicure with beam need:
Transparent abject covering beneath a varnish
Lac primary blush (in this lilac)
Clear bark with sparkles for decoration
Large Glitters, alveolate the blush of the abject coat
Flat brush
Slightly a top awning

Step 1
We awning the nails cellophane careful base, accord it to amalgamate completely.

Step 2
Apply the adorn of the capital color. If all-important – in two layers. We delay until it dries.
On the arena feel appoint alone a distinct layer, as actuality will be absorbed Glitters.

Step 3
Open the jar is busy with elements of advancing a collapsed brush.
Ring feel covered with a additional band of varnish.

Immediately, while he is not dry, use a collapsed besom baptize beam nail. Gently acclamation them to the dent surface.
Instead of a band of adorn can be acclimated to cement rhinestones or affected nails.

Step 4
After the adorn is dry, collapsed brush, fan all-overs off the balance glitter.
Wooden stick abolish accidental elements on the bend of the attach plate, aggravating to they do not go above it.

step 5
Be abiding to awning the beam blubbery band of cellophane fixative.

step 6
On the tips of all the added attach (maximum – up to the middle) gets bright adorn with sparkles. Over appoint a band of cellophane fixer, cutting the alteration amid varnishes.

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