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Money is everything, do you think Khune would have stood a chance on these ladies if he was poor?

People look up to you and try to live like you because they believe in you. This is a good thing about being famous. No matter what, being famous and rich often go hand in hand. You can’t be well-known and not be able to pay for your life.

If you look at the life of Itumeleng Khune, the goalkeeper for the band Kaiser Chiefs, you can see that being famous gave him a lot of chances. He used to be the best goalie for Bafana, and his salary shows that. Being famous helped him meet new people. He was able to date well-known women. Here are a few of them.

1. Minnie Dlamini

Minenhle Dlamini Jones works on TV, as a model, and in movies. She is one of the few famous people to have made their first million before they turned 25. She became well-known when SABC 1 gave her the chance to host the music show Live Amp.


Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini dated on and off for three years before they broke up permanently. Do you think Itu would have had a chance with Minnie if he hadn’t been famous and rich? Please don’t be naive.

2. Sibahle Mpisane

Sibahle Mpisane is the daughter of Shawn Mkhize, a well-known and wealthy businesswoman. Her family is wealthy, and because it is common to use snakes to get money, people thought that her family did the same thing.

She is one of the women who Itumeleng Khune used to date. Sibahle says that there is no bad blood between her and the man. They just said goodbye because Sibahle wanted someone who would be available to her. Since she lives in Durban and Khune lives in Johannesburg, he was not.

Khune was also linked to Phindile Gwala, who used to be an actress on Muvhango.

Do you think he would have been able to date all those girls if he had been a nobody?


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