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“My 5months old daughter had an older sibling” Dancer Korra Obidi opens up on her pregnancy loss

Nigerian-American dancer and all round entertainer, Korra Obidi has for the first time opened up on her pregnancy loss.

The dancer who got separated from her foreign husband, Justin Dean, early this year, has made a new revelation about her personal life.


On her Instagram story, the mother of two shared a photo of her holding a pregnancy test strip showing positive.

Korra Obidi revealed via the caption, that her over 5months old daughter should have had another older sibling.


This means that Korra and her ex-husband, Justin had lost a pregnancy before the birth of Athena. The estranged couple share two daughters, June and Anthena Dean.


“@athenadean_You had big Sis/Bro”.


This new update is coming days after Korra opened up about her ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband.

Via a video she posted on her platform, she cried out that her children had been taken away for some days, leaving her broken.


In a follow-up post, Korra cried out for help over ploys to take her daughters away from her.

Taking to social media, Korra Obidi claimed that they were trying to take away her kids from her.


According to her, her kids were been used to control her life.


“I can’t believe someone says they’ll take the children away from me because I am not wearing cloth. She sent me an email saying ‘Korra Korra they are going to take your children from you because you aren’t wearing clothes. They are trying to use these children to try and control me. So if I wear clothes now they wouldn’t take my children. Ehhhhhhh”.



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