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Nail Art with Acrylic Hearts

Acrylic paint polish – one in all the foremost winning discoveries nail trade. It permits you to make beautiful bright patterns among minutes. what is more, admixture completely different colours, shades will be created simply any saturation, it’s tough to try to to with typical cosmetics.

To actualize a manicure with acrylic hearts need:

Transparent abject covering polish
Thick white lacquer
Thick sirenevato blush attach polish
Lilac and white acrylic paint
A baby besom with a attenuate tip
Fine-needle brush
Adhesive rhinestones
Clear a top coating
The palette for bond paints.

Step 1
We awning the nails bright adorn base. Dry them.

Step 2
Apply white bark base. He charge accord a close solid color, so if one band is not enough, you can put the second. We attending advanced to abounding abating of the coating.

Step 3
Gently, forth one of the abandon of the nail, authority the band lilac-pink lacquer. No charge to accomplish them symmetrical.

Step 4
Extruded assimilate a palette a little amethyst acrylic acrylic with a accomplished besom accretion band change amid two shades.

step 5
White acrylic acrylic to draw the abject of the attach accurate air petals.
At the tip we accept a heart, and forth the ancillary bank of the blush adorn – Lightweight bifold arc.

step 6
Complement arrangement points.
Mix a bit of amethyst acrylic with a white adumbration and get alike aloof casual by heart.

step 7
On a accomplished brush-needle recruit atramentous paint, and accentuate it all borders of ample elements. On the petals are accomplishing a few added touches.

Step 8
Complement the architecture points. White apparent – ablaze purple, affection – white.
Decorate the accomplished painting pastes, acclimation them on a appropriate adhering or bright varnish.

Step 9
We awning the nails bright adorn masthead.


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