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People react on the picture of Nonku and her man see what they had to say

Nonkuleko Williams was born on 6 August 1979. She celebrated her 43rd birthday on 6 August 2022. Nonkuleko Williams, famously known as Nonku Williams, is a South African Reality star, businesswoman, and blogger. Nonku is most recognizable for being a cast member on the hit reality TV series Real Housewives of Durban, where she is one of the favorite casts. Nonku is also famous for her relationship with the late Sfiso Ncwane, for whom he bore a daughter. She is the CEO and owner of Ashes To Beauty winery and a construction & logistics company.



Things are honestly looking good for Nonku this year. Ever since season 3 of The Real Housewives of Durban people have been talking about Nonku after she was seen with a man.

About a few weeks ago people were left in shock after Nonku took to her social media to share pictures of her new man. But people were not sure about their relationship because it was still new.


But though their relationship it’s still new, things are going faster than ever, because just in just a few weeks they went on a date the guy decided to buy Nonku a brand new car for Valentine’s.

Since they always post things on social media, a picture of Nonku and her man was shared on social media and this got people saying Nonku will soon get married, and people are saying this because they can see how much they love each other, and how Nonku looks at her man. Below is what was shared:


Though some people are happy for Nonku and they believe that one day she will get married some people don’t think so, they feel that Nonku is just blinded by love.

The sooner people accept that Nonku is happy and in love, and the possibility of getting married to the guy possible the better, because no matter how hard they try to ruin their relationship by saying negative things that won’t happen, because when 2 people are in love, no one can come between the.

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