RIP| This baby died a painful death caused by his alleged mother. Look what happened

A South African man mourns his son, killed by his mother. Melusi Cijimpi Ntuli, a devastated father, announced the death of his only son. The mother allegedly killed the 2-year-old, a promising child.

The 9-month-old boy’s mother is suspected of strangling him in her car in Soweto’s Dobsonville neighborhood while blasting music. She surrendered to the police after the heinous incident.


The child’s death has stunned many. The father was eager to join his son in his new life chapter at the creche. The father is struggling to cope with the sudden loss, leaving him weak mentally and physically.

Only God knows what transpired in this horrific occurrence, but the notion of what could have happened if roles were reversed is disturbing. The father needs severe help coping with the loss and its consequences. Melusi and his family suffered an unimaginable loss when their child died.


After this disaster, mental health is as vital as physical health. Help and support are needed for bereavement and other mental health issues. Counseling and therapy can help during stressful situations.

In conclusion, losing a child is a tragedy that lasts forever. Grief and trauma require support, as seen by the father’s request. Melusi and his family are in our prayers. May the young boy’s soul rest in peace and the family find strength and comfort in his memories.

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