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SAD NEWS || Muvhango Actress Susan Gets Fired From Work After This Happened, See

On the next episode, Muvhango will provide additional details about his plans. The South African daytime drama Muvhango may be seen daily on SABC 2 at 2:00 p.m. A popular soap opera that first aired on network television in the early 1990s has been steadily losing viewers ever since, largely due to the show’s consistently dark tone. Reports indicate that users’ dissatisfaction with the information on offer is leading to consistent daily drops in viewership ratings.

Susan (Maurela Mahuwa), Azwindini (George Temudzani), Vhutshilo (Wavhudi Lidzhegu), and Gugu’s (Wavhudi Lidzhegu) contemporary plots (Bukamina Fanele). Everyone in the audience seemed to be unhappy about something. Vhutshilo and Gugu’s romance became public knowledge a few months ago. 

Despite the fact that Gugu is old enough to be her mother, she has no reservations about dating him. The relationship took a turn for the worst when she began seeing Azwindini. Dates between dad and his son To put it plainly, this is a gross miscarriage of justice. We can safely assume that this did not sit well with the audience. The bombshell was dropped the moment he informed Gugu of his engagement to her. Because of Gugu’s usual calm demeanor, the story twist here came as quite a surprise to viewers.

She’s developed a heartless demeanor. Many are furious with her for breaking up Azwindini’s marriage. So, Suzan evolved into a character the audience hadn’t counted on. She made the mistake of using the common herb “Muthi” to fortify her marriage.

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