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South African popular singer and dancer if fighting for her life in ICU

Very depressing news of one of the Mzansi’s favorite dancer and singer who was reported to be fighting for her life in hospital.

According to the report Chantel Serakala is fighting for her health in hospital and sad news is that she is in ICU. Chantel made her name very visible when she was dancing in many music videos across South Africa, she worked closely with the late Amapiano music maker Ma R5 who sadly passed away couple of months ago. 

The motive behind the sickness of dancer was not revealed by the source for family privacy.

Please send prayer for her to recovery and strength so she will return to her life. It’s a great feeling when someone sends you comforting words to express their concern and love for you to get well soon. Go ahead and show your the love to our Mzansi entertainer.

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