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The traditional healer revealed that more death is coming to South African celebrities

Reputable source: https://www.snl24.com/dailysun/celebs/sangoma-artists-will-continue-to-die-like-flies-20230221

The traditional healers is begging all other artists whose flesh is still with the soul to immediately contact their traditional healers for protection because of the dark cloud that she saw.

She revealed that she saw the number of Artists that will die in 2023 and this worries her a lot. She revealed that AKA is not the last and ma R5 was not the last. Even ma R5 was shot like AKA and if there is no action they can take now, then later they will regret themselves even more and more.

She revealed that the death will be like flies. These people needs to be extra careful.

She revealed that she is doing the protection herb and it will work like a bullet proof so that the artist who gets shot will never ever get affected by the bullets.

What is your opinion on this matter?

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AKA’s friend accused of having a hand in killing AKA breaks his silence

To many it is still unbelievable that Kiernan Jarryd Forbes is really gone and will never see and hear him performing someone. He got shot on the other Friday when he was from celebrating his pre birthday party with his friends in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province.

After few days, the CCTV footage got released and people started assessing it. Many started accusing AKA’s friend whom was seen doubtful on the Video. It was like he knows something since he was not comfortable and his eyes were making all over. Since then many people named him Judas Escariort.

Now it had been reported that Don Design finally speaks up after circulating rumours that he had a hand in his friend AKA’s murder.

Don Design spoke out on Monday 21 February 2023, as he paid a heartful tribute to his long-time friend. Family and friends laid the rapper to rest on Saturday, during a private funeral. AKA’s mother made it clear during the memorial service that she’s not taking people’s theory by saying that Don Design is her son and she loved him. 

The music DJ and creative director said he was shattered by AKA’s death and said penning this message was difficult.

He shared several pictures of himself and AKA over the years.

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WATCH: Don Design caught pouring this on AKAs Coffin – Could it be mutti?

AKA was layed to rest the past week. During his funeral service, many attended the service including his friend Don Design who is currently blamed for selling AKA.

What caught Mzansis eyes was the fact that Don Design was holding a bottle of hennessy that he had poured on AKAs coffin while others poured soil.

This caused mixed reactions whereby others think that it was mutti that he was pouring on the coffin so that the truth about him selling AKA would not be revealed, others say that this was an act of disrespect to AKA and his family.

While others think that it was a sign of gratitude and that maybe he had done so per AKAs request when he was still alive.

This caused so many mixed reactions, and my reaction towards this act is that Don Design was paying his last respects the way that he knows how to.

To watch the video go to: https://www.matt247k.co.za/2023/02/21/watch-don-design-caught-pauring-this-akas-tomp-and-said-these-words/

What do you think about this as a reader? What would be your reaction towards this act? Would you agree with those who think that he was pouring mutti or not?

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Source: https://www.matt247k.co.za/2023/02/21/watch-don-design-caught-pauring-this-akas-tomp-and-said-these-words/

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Nadia Nakai message to AKA after the funeral see the heartful message from Nadia to AKA

Nadia Nakai wrote a message to his late boyfriend AKA after the funeral, no young woman deserves to lose their lover and Nadia is too young to go through what she is going after the death of her soul mate.

AKA was not just a musician but a love musician not only by his fans but family members loved him, apperently he was in a committed relationship with Nadia Nakai the relationship was going so good the seemed happy together.

On the 10th Nadia Nakai lost her boyfriend, Tony Forbes lost a son and Kario lost a father the chain goes on and on yesterday Nadia Nakai wrote a latter to her late boyfriend Kiernan Forbes.

We will share a screenshot of the message instead of rewriting everything worth for word, AKA didn’t deserve to go down like he did justice need to be served to console the Forbes family.

Indeed death do not have a friend or weakness it takes randomly, people who we didn’t expect to leave us soon.

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AKA’s Friend Accused Of Being Involved In The Killing After He Was Seen Doing This In The CCTV

Following the devastating death of rapper AKA, South Africans have been coming up with numerous conspiracies about who was responsible for his assassination. The Tembe family was the first to be accused, now they are accusing his close friend, Don Designs.

@joy_zelda took to her Twitter account to post a picture of AKA and Don Designs. She insinuated that Don may have had a hand in the assassination plot. She left this caption on the tweet, “

In the CCTV footage, that has been circulating on social media, Don was seen moving away from the scene before the shooting happened. Many people believe that he knew that something was going to happen and he didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

@bongwe_ncube left this comment in the comments section, “What was he doing outside with the killers prior to the shooting, he yawned, checked cameras and gave a signal.”

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