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Tembe family celebrate as Palesa Tembe gets engaged

Palesa Tembe gets engaged over the weekend. The sister of the late Anele Tembe posted about her engagement on Twitter. She shared pictures of her and said “Someone’s uncles came to my parents gate this morning”. The Tembe family celebrate the Lobola of Palesa while still trying to find out what exactly happened to Anele Tembe back in 2021 when she fell to her death.

The family blamed AKA for her death and they are taking the NPA to court for deciding not to prosecute AKA after all the evidence Moses Tembe sent to them. Palesa Tembe is a celebrity herself as she is an actress, TV personality and the presenter of afternoon express. Palesa Tembe was very vocal about losing her sister when she admitted that it was hard to heal and move on.

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