Uju Okoli Looks Pretty as She Sells Orange in New Movie

It is often said that there is dignity in labor, and one person who isn’t shying away from flaunting her new trade is Nollywood actress Uju Okoli, who shared images of herself as an orange seller in a depiction that definitely is from a movie project.

The talented actress who is known for carrying out her role so well in movies definitely is already in sync with the character she exhibited, as she blended so well to give herself that appearance of an ordinary lady that sells oranges which a lot of her followers will already be familiar with.

The beautiful Nollywood star in the post she shared can be seen peeking an orange, with her mother by her side, looking all happy, which could be due to making a huge sale, as the images shared portrayed, and from all indications she definitely is enjoying doing what she does, which is absolutely fascinating, as many people really have to be comfortable in doing whatever they do that puts food on their table.

Images credit: Uju Okoli Instagram page.

Content created and supplied by: EchoExpress (via Opera News )