“We had about 1,000 people we didn’t know at our wedding” – Don Moen reveals as he and wife celebrate 49th wedding anniversary

American gospel singer, Don Moen and his wife, Laura Moen, are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today, May 20.

The Christian worship music songwriter took to his Twitter handle to mark the milestone.

Sharing photos of himself and his wife, Don Moen shared an intriguing detail about their wedding, which was held in 1973.

He described how he married the love of his life 49 years ago and how a large number of people attended their wedding, including over a thousand people they didn’t know.



“49 years ago, I married this girl after a concert in Minneapolis, MN. We welcomed anyone in the audience to stay for the wedding, it started at 10PM & we had approx 1,000 people we didn’t know at our wedding! What an adventure! I’m a very blessed man. God is so good!!!” He wrote.


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