We will remain retrogressive if… OAP Nedu writes Netizens expecting a miracle from incoming president

OAP Nedu writes Netizens expecting a miracle from incoming president

We will remain retrogressive if... OAP Nedu writes Netizens expecting a miracle from incoming president

On Air Personality, Nedu has written a note to Netizens who are expecting a miracle from the next president of Nigeria.

Nedu who has been under fire lately following his comments about Big Brother Naija females took to his Instagram stories to share his opinion about what will continue to happen to happen to the country and its citizens if they expect a miracle.

According to Nedu, no matter how many times the president is changed, the country will remain backwards if the system is not fixed. He further said he wished the former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan could come back into power.

He wrote: “If we like make we change president 100 times, if the system is not fixed…we will remain a retrogressive country that we have been…always wishing the last president came back”.

OAP Nedu come under fire for saying BBNaija females only offer s*x


OAP Nedu came under heavy fire few weeks ago after he said Big Brother Naija Female go for the reality TV show because they want to market themselves and only have sex to offer.

The father of two made his assertion in an interview with Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Doyin on his podcast, The Honest Bunch, He avowed that many go for the reality TV show to market themselves sexually as they only got sex to offer.

He further opined that BBNaija is good at skyrocketing people into fame but it doesn’t give them a long lasting platform.

He said: “The reason why many go to BBN is because they are hungry. Do you know what Big Brother does for you, it takes you from here and shoot you up but there is no substance to hold you unto. It’s only sex many of them have to offer, they intentionally go there just to get customers”.

BBNaija former housemates slam Nedu

As expected, Nedu’s opinion didn’t sit well with former housemates of Big Brother Naija as many came out in their numbers to slam him.

Taking the lead, Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Kess slammed Nedu for undermining his female colleagues. He stated that the trend of tagging female BB housemates as sluts is distasteful.

Defending them, Kess noted how 95% of his female colleagues are highly intelligent, super talented among others. He expressed his displeasure at having to undermine their hard work.

“This trend of tagging female Big Brother housemates as sluts is distasteful. 95% of them are highly intelligent, sufficiently independent, super talented and are legit hustlers. It is unfair to undermine their hard work”.

Khloe slams Nedu


 Ex-BBnaija housemate, Oluwabusayo Abiri, better known as Khloe also lambasted Nedu. She asked the TV and radio host to leave women alone because they are not the reason his marriage didn’t work out.

Khloe wrote; “Angel leave that short thing !!! It’s not our fault his wife gave him a Bstard, now I don’t blame the woman cos who wants to have a child for a dmb childish uselss lying a* talkative man… now, every woman living good is hawking p***y.

They don’t even see the pain and the struggle and some online peeps too will support rujsh’ forgetting that they are women and want to succeed in life. Very sens ess mentality. What any woman choose to do to make ends meet is no one business in as much as shes not st al from you or kill anyone. TF That’s how he came to lie about hotel room, but domb people can’t even put 1 and 1 together to know that set was framed up just to talk.

I know someone like him, lie for no reason !!! Cook something up on the spot. So you enter room and stand to watch who and who was foking your friend and you came out to say it? Lmao. Na Mmu people wey like gossip and d mb you Dey deceive. Heal from your heart break and leave women alone, we dint ask you to marry a cheating wife. Get the F short de il. All you do is to speak ill of women.”

Cross Okonkwo also joined in the train of former housemates who cautioned Nedu. He took to Twitter and pleaded that Big Brother Naija females be left alone. He noted that it’s difficult to be judged in Biggie’s house and still face the same issue when the show ends.

Solidly taking sides, Cross asks why the men whom Nedu and others claim BBNaija females are allegedly having an affair with are not being called out.

Addressing his fans, he asked that they stop insulting and dragging other former housemates because whatever transpired in Biggie’s house is in the past.

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