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“Who can help me with divorce papers?!” Hilda Dokubo cries out

Veteran actress Hilda Dokubo has lamented over how stressful a divorce process takes.

The actress via Instagram hours ago, pleaded for help on how to file the divorce from her on-screen husband, Bimbo Manuel, as she complained about the judge’s nonchalant behavior.

Sharing a photo of her and the actor, the light-skinned actress noted how she has starred as his wife in several movies and wanted a change.


“I have married this @manuelbimbo too much, please who can help me with divorce papers? This judge is doing anyhow…me I am too happy enjoying the sweetness inside”.


Joke Silva who was left speechless with her move left a comment on her page.

The veteran wrote, “Hmmm Hiiiilda…”



Years back, Hilda Dokubo opened up on reconciliation with her husband.

The actress stated that as a Christian, she should be able to forgive and live a life that Christ would be proud of.

Hilda added that she did it for herself, her children, others, and most importantly God.


Hilda Dokubo said, “Everything in life has stages and time. If I say I’m a Christian and love God, then I should be able to live a life that Christ would be proud of. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in a relationship. We did it for ourselves, our children, others, but most importantly for God”.


Speaking on the lessons she learned about marriage, Hilda said, “Patience. Don’t think anyone else can help you build your home, because you alone can do that. Don’t give up so quickly when it becomes so tough.



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