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10+ Best Zulu & Zimbabwean Wedding images

10+ Best Zulu & Zimbabwean Wedding images, my loves! How are you today? I hope your weekend has been a blast whatever it is you got up. I have a gorgeous Zulu and Zimbabwean wedding to share with. Although the groom is private(hence why you won’t see him on the pictures), the bride was happy to share her journey with us. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this gorgeous wedding.

What inspired my look as a bride I actually saw a picture online and I added a little modern look in it. I loved the Zulu brides look but I just wanted my look to be different with a twist of elegance. For the bridesmaids, because of the season we are in which is winter I wanted to go with something bright for the ladies. I had initially decided on all white for them and since my husband and I love black we were going to do all black. When I discussed this with my sister she was about to lose it hahaha… She was like how in the world did you figure out that would be good.


Fast forward: we then settled for yellow skirts for the bridesmaids and all-black shirts for the groomsmen. I wore white with colorful beads. Zulu beads meant a lot for people don’t know that they were historically used as a language between men and women to express their feelings and relationship status. I decide not to care what season we were in and just go bright or go home.

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