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20 Fashionable Xhosa Traditional Attires and Dresses for African Ladies

20 Fashionable Xhosa Traditional Attires and Dresses for African Ladies, The Xhosa people of South Africa have a rich culture that is differentiated by traditional attires for body cover and ornamentation, among other things.

Their clothing is an integral component of their way of life and has been passed down through centuries. Xhosa attires, like other renowned African prints such as Ankara and Kitenge, have a long and illustrious history dating back to pre-colonial times. The exquisite beads, which are usually small and round in shape, add an extra touch of elegance to the clothing. These beads are composed of a variety of materials, including bone, metal, glass, wood, brass, and other materials. Some of the most intriguing traditional women’ clothes from Xhosa can be found in the gallery below.

Some Modern Xhosa Traditional Attires and Dresses Ladies Can Choose From
In 2017, the market for old-fashioned Xhosa gowns had a healthy explosion, with more superior designs following in 2022-2023. When it came to traditional Xhosa clothing, finding attractive and modern styles and colors was nearly difficult. Fortunately, everything has changed.


The Xhosa clothes list provided below will provide you with some insight into what to wear or give you an idea of what to plan for your next visit to your seamstress in Xhosa.


1. Fish-Cut Skirt

This top leg skirt is made essentially of a white piece of clothing



The lower portion of the skirt has been improved with uniformed black stripes. – It is made of a white cloth that runs along the center of the skirt and connects to the end of the flare. The younger ladies are generally dressed in a nice and basic manner. This skirt pattern is simple to construct and does not require a large amount of fabric.

2. Xhosa-Inspired Two-Piece Cloth



This off-the-shoulder design on one side is simple and elegant. It may be customized to your chosen style, and the pattern can be changed to suit your preferences. In the illustration, the upper portion of this outfit is worn from one shoulder to the waist, where the second part is likewise worn. The pants have a slight flare from the knee to somewhere near the knee, which is a beautiful twist.

3. Umbhaco Skirt



The skirt of Umbhaco is also one of the most popular Xhosa women’s clothing items, particularly among Xhosa women. Umbhaco’s skirt is crafted from magnificent African materials that have been weaved with performance to make it even more delightful to wear. The inhabitants of Xhosa are well-known for their use of white or red clothing. They can, however, modify the color of your fabric to any shade of their choosing, including a nasty earthy tone mixed with ocher, if they so want.


After the cloth has been torn, the material is transformed into a skirt by cutting it.

Then I sewed them into three separate sections. In order to obtain a style that is not only attractive, but also socially acceptable, the ladies embellish the skirt with dots in addition to the planned designs.

4. High Waist Skirt



The high waist skirt is a traditional xhosa skirt with a long train. In this dress, the tail is more modest, and the skirt forms a continuous lump as it moves down the lower leg. Cloves have been sewn into the waistband of the skirt by a lady in order for it to remain firmly in place.

Blue stripes are painstakingly stitched around the skirt in order to cut through the rich earthy colour of the skirt, and white dots are purposefully stitched together to make the skirt look more interesting and eye-catching.

5. Orange Strapless Wrap-Round Cloth



pliing an orange cover to the bottom of a lady’s body is how she creates this skirt. The concept is straightforward, but the consequences are amazing. The skirt has a black line that runs all the way around the lower half of the skirt to give it a more polished appearance, and the woman wears a belt with wonderful dots around her midsection, which adds to the overall beauty of the skirt.

6. Xhosa-Inspired Above The Ankle Black And White Skirt



The black-and-white jacket seen above is an old-fashioned jacket with a contemporary twist on the design of the garment.

wind. This is a traditional Xhosa article of apparel. It is made of cotton. The skirt is constructed up of black lines that wrap around the entire skirt, drawing attention to the lower portion of the skirt. The black stripes, which are available in a smooth shape and a variety of widths, are the most intriguing. They simply add so much beauty to the world around them.

7. Layered Blue Fabric With Red Cover



This stylish traditional attraction screams ‘Xhosa’ in every sense of the word. From the top of the head to the bottom of the knee. Ladies wearing this clothing have a stunning appearance at ceremonies, thanks to the exquisite design of the garments. The simplicity of this particular outfit contributes to its overall appeal. The towel is decorated with different bead designs, as is the case with other Xhosa dressing customs.

Ladies apply globules to their shoulders and drape a natural tissue over their shoulders. To top it all off, she incorporates traditional fashion items for ladies in her class into her base’s amazing blue fabric and multi-color line designs, which serve as the foundation for the entire collection.

8. Xhosa-Inspired Blue Dress



As materials are artfully altered by fashion designers, the finding of inspiration for the ideal clothing has become a survival dilemma for every creative. Fortunately, there is a solution. The traditional white Xhosa clothing serves as a source of inspiration for this lovely blue dress.

From its tail, the dress features a cropped top that falls in the tummy and a skirt that falls slightly below the knee from the waist. An extra decorative element is a little plissed fabric in black and white with a black and white pattern at the base. Others are available in a variety of designs, such as off-shoulder pockets and maxi motifs.

9. Yellow Maxi Dress With A Head Wrap



This particular attraction is attracted to all hues of beauty. If you’re a fan of the color yellow, you should give it a shot. The majority of women adore yellow robes. Some people can go even farther and use gorgeous yellow materials to produce a magnificent and spectacular style that is absolutely stunning and amazing. Aside from being a gown, it can be worn as a skirt or in other fashionable designs. This type of attraction is typically associated with a head wrap that is designed to properly cover the head.

10. Idaki



In Xhosa, an Idaki is a dress that is given to a newlywed woman by relatives of her husband after her wedding. Once married, the makoti wears the idaki with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders and her iduku, and then an uxakatha (towel or thick scarf) wrapped around her waist to complete her outfit.

It is possible that the bride will have to dress in Makoti clothing for three months to a year. Some of them will continue to wear it till they have a child. In some families, it is also regarded as a mark of respect, as a married woman is never permitted to wear pants again.

11. Off-Shoulder Dress



A traditional off-the-shoulder garment does not conceal the shoulders. This ensemble is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. The black lines that flow through the material around the hands and legs are gorgeous, and they even show the color of the Xhosa people’s clothing.

12. Pink Maxi Dress with Material Gorget



This sleeveless, pink maxi dress can be worn with or without a jacket, depending on the season and the time of year. It was designed to swell as it rose from the ground.

Somewhere about the midsection and below the waist. The outfit is also constructed of blue lines of varying thicknesses at its foundation.

13. Sleeveless Bareback Attire



This sleeveless dress has an opening on the back, but is long enough to cover a

Much of the lower torso has been covered, with only the feet and toes still exposed. This dress is appropriate for ladies who wish to be precise while still revealing a portion of their body.

Classy Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses

If you don’t attend traditional Xhosa weddings, you’re missing out on a lot. One of the things that distinguishes the day is the stunning wedding gowns worn by the bride and her bridal party. Not only are they brightly colored, but they are also charming and amazing. Some of them are currently in attendance.

14. White Dress With A Red Tartan Blanket



The white dress is a classic wedding gown with a lovely sheen to the fabric.

coordination. Ladylike from the beginning to the end, the long-dressed knee length embraces them completely and completely.

Finish by concealing all features of her figure and even frightening admirers who are on the lookout for her.

The garment is paired with a red plaid cover, which is considered to be of great significance. When worn by a woman, the plaid is typically folded over her shoulder. Women are wearing a crimson beret rather than the traditional headwrap this time around, in contrast to other fashion trends, to demonstrate respect for the elderly population. As opposed to the traditional tissue of globules on the texture, the beadwork in this attire is concentrated on the lady’s neck.

15. White And Black Mermaid Dress



This strapless junior dress is really stunning and lovely on its own. The garment is loosely fitted, leaving little skin exposed, and it adheres to a proper African dress code. The dress, as you can see, turns from the knee to the lower leg area. This garment is typically paired with an Ithumbu neck bead, which is made of a highly contrasting cotton fabric that covers the full area of the collar. An appealing siren shape, composed of white and black lines, runs from the knee to the knee of the apparel, enhancing its overall appearance.

The Significance Of Xhosa Outfits

Despite its complexity, the Xhosa clothing code is characterized by exquisite performances and prints on the garments. In the case of women, their dress and accessories serve to identify different stages of their lives, whereas the clothing of males is heavily impacted by the social position of the individual.

Xhosa apparel, like other African patterns, has witnessed significant advancements in terms of style, design, and other aspects. However, some aspects of the Xhosa culture have remained unchanged, such as the traditional xhosa wedding attire.

T eople are well-known for their clothing and bodies made of red ochre, as well as for inventing the most traditional procedures, designs, and patterns in perforation, which are now widely used.

Xhosa’s main items include clothing

  • Long skirts
  • Aprons in beautiful printed or embroidered fabrics
  • Elaborate beaded necklaces called ithumbu
  • Beaded bracelets and anklets
  • The iqhiya or headscarf, which is traditionally worn by married women
  • Embroidered capes or blankets are worn around the shoulders
  • Animal skin for the men


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