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3 Drinks That Can Lead To Miscarriage When Consumed During Pregnancy

There are numerous causes of miscarriage, many of which are beyond a woman’s control. However, a pregnant woman has influence over what she eats, and making safe food choices can support a successful pregnancy. While the majority of foods and beverages are generally safe to eat or drink, there are certain things you should usually stay away from to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Because they could be dangerous to both you and your unborn child, several foods and beverages are best avoided during pregnancy. You’ve certainly had food poisoning or a foodborne disease at some point in your life, but pregnancy puts you at higher risk and can have more serious effects.

We’ll talk about drinks that, when consumed during pregnancy, can cause miscarriage in this article based on research from Healthline.

Alcohol that might cause miscarriage

(A) Tap water: Water is without a doubt the world’s most hydrating beverage, but it’s crucial that you only drink safe, filtered water. Lead is a risky chemical that may be toxic and may be present in unsafe tap water. While drinking water that contains lead is bad for everyone, pregnant women should proceed with extra caution.

(a) Alcohol: Occasional indulgences are acceptable, but if you go beyond, be aware of the risks. According to Healthline, consuming too much alcohol while pregnant can result in the fetus’s poor growth and abnormal brain development. According to Deepshikha, it may also result in the baby’s developing aberrant facial traits and mental impairment. Your infant could still be at risk for learning, speech, attention span, language, and hyperactivity issues after delivery even if you limit yourself to one drink per day.

(c) Wheatgrass juice: Wheatgrass has so many advantages that most pregnant women think they should take it during their pregnancy. However, relatively few people are aware that wheatgrass contains a variety of bacteria and molds. Wheatgrass is typically gathered in damp, moist circumstances that are ideal for a variety of bacteria to flourish. These bacteria make their way into wheatgrass juice because it is created from raw wheatgrass, and when eaten, this leads to a severe imbalance in the nutrients in your body.

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