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Check The First Man Who Refuse To Pay Lobola To His 3 Wife’s & Want Them To Do This In #Mnakwethu

Musa Mseleku Is Left off gut after hearing the man who need three spouse. For the primary time we pay attention Musa Mseleku who’s the host of the show to respect the person named Mphahlele but does now not apprehend his reasons of taking 3 wife’s with out paying lobola to any of them.

Linda who is the host of the season in the end of Mnakwethu had been left impressed after seeing Mphahlele and his three wife’s sporting all white clothing. He said his circle of relatives is carrying white because it signify peace in his own family.


Visitors had been feeling sorry for Mphahlele’s spouse’s after he said the purpose he add new person in his marriage is due to the fact there is a hassle amongst his different  spouse’s. His first spouse has left all and sundry speakme in social media after she turned into seen giggling on the complete scenario. Mzansi had been left talking after noticing that the primary wife is agreeing to anything that he says.



In step with Mseleku, way of life does no longer require the guys to are looking for permission from the primary wife to take a second wife? That requirement is due to democracy.


Mphahlele is the chief of guys’s conference. He become heard announcing that his other halves have to pay their lobola with the cash his giving them to begin a commercial enterprise. He said he’s a financial institution supervisor however he does no longer have money to pay lobola to his wifes.


This man is sincerely right here coming to ask for spouse quantity three whilst he hasn’t finished paying lobola for semi spouse range first and the first lady friend who doesn’t don’t forget herself a lady friend.



Viwers has been pronouncing that Mphahlele is a con man. Mzansi is satisfied that he’s a chancer who does no longer have money. Visitors is convinced that this guy will turn out to be with 20 girlfriends all waiting in line for their own agencies for you to keep up and pay for his or her personal lobola or weddings.


Ladies really want to do higher. Girls should gain knowledge of that marriage isn’t always an achievement. And that we don’t want men to live on we best need a activity or a business to keep us going. If we enter a relationship it need to be based on love and nothing else.




Sources: Hashtag #Mnakwethu Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode


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