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She allegedly forced the baby to sleep, left for a party but unfortunately she found the baby dead

Sad, this Lady drugged her 6months old baby to sleep so she could go out and party, unfortunately the baby died

she found the child lifeless in the morning when she returned from partying with her friends after giving him tramadol last night to sleep

Rest well little one.

These young women still need to learn from our mothers that when you become a parent, you have to sacrifice a lot of things. There is no excitement in this world that should match that excitement of becoming a mother. To become a mother is a blessing, as the Bible says, “kids are a gift from above. So many women out there that are trying by all means to get kids but they can’t get. So when you get one, it is a miracle. She is suppose to value her children or raising her baby more than attending a party. What is a party, it is a fling that just passes, but this child was going to remain with her for a long time, and in the even become great.

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