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54-year-old woman becomes mother to triplets after waiting for 21 years (Video)

A Nigerian woman has given birth to triplets at the age of 54, after a long 21-year wait.


The proud mother took to social media to share her joy with the world, and her videos have since gone viral.

The unidentified mother shared footage of herself being extremely pregnant and tending to her infants after giving birth.

In another clip, she is seen playing with her triplets, who are now grown children.

Watch video below;


In other news, A viral video has captured the moment a father cleaned off his daughter’s makeup on her wedding day.

The trending clip showed the bride all glammed up for her big day. However, her father believed the makeup was too much and made her look like a different person, so he wiped it off.

In the video, the father is seen vigorously cleaning off the makeup with a handkerchief in one corner of the venue.

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