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A look at the top trending Pondo hairstyles in SA for natural queens (with images)

Top trending Pondo hairstyles in South Africa 2023, Hair is an essential part of any look. Ensuring your hairstyle is trendy and appropriate for your face shape plays a vital role in boosting self-esteem and confidence. A hairstyle is more than just a statement about your style. It is a part of your personality and goes a long way in how people perceive you. This article has a list of the top trending pondo hairstyles in South Africa in 2023.

The pondo hairstyles in 2023 are taking South Africa by storm! Emerging as one of 2022’s hottest hair trends, pondo hairstyles for black ladies will last well for a long time. From celebs to businesswomen, from college students to stay-at-home moms, it is still the hottest look, and it suits all women! No Gorilla Glue was used in the making of this article or hairstyles.


Top trending pondo hairstyles in South Africa 2023



The style for 2022 is still as classic as the pondo hairstyle 2021. It features an elaborate braid that falls into a long ponytail. This slick hairdo is ideal for working women who are emerging back into an on-site world of work in 2022 in line with adjusted lockdown regulations in the country.


Just a note, though – this kind of hairstyle can cause damage to your hairline and result in hair loss or thinning. So avoid overusing this style. Besides, try and reduce the pressure on your scalp by not tying it too tight. The list below contains the top trending hairstyles according to their popularity:

1. The Classic Pony



With a simple braided topknot and the rest of your luscious hair cascading down, this is a look that is elegant and fierce. Use some styling gel to smooth down your baby hairs to add a playful, modern touch to a classy look. If you are looking for an easy to achieve updo pondo hairstyle, then this is your next go-to.


2. Natty Puffs



This is one for the braver, more fashion-forward users. Multiple long ponytails end in big afro puffs that celebrate the beauty of the afro and natural hair. These long ponytails are just breathtaking, and the big afro puffs at the end make them look even more spectacular. If you fancy afro pondo hairstyles, you cannot go wrong with this look.

3. Crowned in dreds



This hairstyle is accessible to the eye and easy to achieve. It is a no-fuss hairdo that will have you ready within minutes. This ideal styling gel pondo hairstyle will make you ready to take charge and stand out. More hair extensions are combined neatly on the sides for a distinct crown to form the hairdo.

4. Afro moment



How do you do Afro twist in Pondo? This afro pondo hairstyle is just what you need to get through a busy schedule. It is a sleek style that you can achieve within seconds. Not only does this afro make a bold statement, but it also frames her face and gives her a radiant glow. This quick tutorial will show you how you can do it quickly.


5. Top knot side swoop



Add taste to your hairdo with a top knot side-swept ponytail. This gorgeous African ponytail rests calmly on the head whilst highlighting the beautiful features of the face. This style is one of the trendiest long pondo hairstyles.

6. Double Afro Bun



This simple, fun look is ideal for the young and the young at heart. Combining the glamour of a bun with the fun of afro puffs, this updo style is also great for kids. It is simple enough to achieve by gathering two sections of natural hair. This hairdo is perfect for those who want to achieve the modern pussycat look using two buns. You can try these on hair extensions as long as the buns are equally balanced.

7. Bantu Knots



Do you love that traditional look but need hair extensions to enhance it? Then, you can opt for braided Bantu knots. That look is perfect for any traditional event and can still be rocked to work. A Bantu knot, originated by the isiZulu people of South Africa, involves sectioning the hair, twisting it, and tying it to form a spiralled knot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions concerning top trending hairstyles. The answers given are correct, having been derived from credible sources. See them below!


How do you style natural hair in South Africa?

One of the best, most trendy ways to style natural hair in South Africa is this hairstyle. It allows you to add an extension or hairpiece to achieve a more extended look with your natural hair or let your natural hair shine through braids or afro puffs.


How do you make Pondo braids?

Making these braids is a simple one, and you can do it for yourself at home. Check out this video to learn how to do it for yourself.


How can kids make Pondo?

It is super simple for kids to make their hairstyle. By playing with a combination of different styles that they prefer, they can create their look and learn to embrace the beauty of natural hair from a young age.

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