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A queen’s welcome: Zimbabweans dance for MaMkhize at the airport [watch]

Zimbabweans welcomed South African businesswoman, MaMkhize at the airport like a queen as they danced for her in traditional outfits.


Zimbabweans danced for MaMkhize welcoming her like a Queen at the airport in Harare.

The famous South African businesswoman travelled to Zimbabwe to visit her friend Zodwa Mkandla.

Upon her arrival, Zimbabweans showed her the love she did not get much in South Africa.

Famous socialite Madam Boss was among the people who came to the airport to welcome her.

Besides Madam Boss, many groups were doing traditional dances for her.

Indeed, this was all a great welcome to Zimbabwe that touched MaMkhize’s heart.

Sharing on her Instagram, she expressed how happy she was to be in Zimbabwe and to receive so much love.


“Touchdown Zim!! 🇿🇼, Here to support one of our own. A fellow businesswoman and pioneer in the travel and hospitality industry. 💪🏾🎉”




Sharing her experience and welcome to Zimbabwe, MaMkize thanked her friend Zodwa Mkandla.

She spoke of how much she was welcomed by smiles, praising Zimbabweans.

“Touching down in Zimbabwe, where warm smiles greeted me at every turn. 🥹😍🥰” she said.



“I’m really grateful for my amazing host, @zozomkandlaofficial whose hospitality knows no bounds.” she continued.

“My adventure has only just begun, but the laughter and joy I’ve experienced so far has made this short left quite memorable. 🌞🌍❤️” she finished excited about her Zimbabwe adventure.

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