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Abroad-based Nigerians reveal the heartbreaking reasons they decided to leave Nigeria

He asked, “People who left Nigeria, what was the thing that made you finally decide to leave?”

Some Nigerians who have relocated abroad have shared the reasons behind their decision to leave the country in search of greener pastures.

The topic became a trending discourse on social media after popular YouTuber, Fisayo Fosudo, asked why abroad-based Nigerians finally chose to leave the country.

He asked, “People who left Nigeria, what was the thing that made you finally decide to leave?”

Many people responded, with reasons ranging from personal reasons to governance issues to security concerns, among other things.”

Read some of the comments below,



Taking to Twitter to share his opinion, Lawyer Dele stated that he knows people who relocated to the UK but have not achieved as much as those who remained in Nigeria and diligently worked their way to success.

His words,


Traveling abroad or living abroad is not an achievement but it depends on what you are doing with your life there. It is not where you are but what you are doing there.

Let me warn you that you can be busy doing nothing apart from being a part-time star on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms. I have known people who have not had a stable address or a job for the last 15 years.

Time and age catch up on one quickly. The reason why I visit Nigeria regularly is because I have found that those back home are resilient, inventive, determined, and are achieving a lot despite the harsh economic conditions.

A better economy will lead to a better life for the people. Once you live here in the UK for a long time, you become a storyteller rather than an achiever. It is like a trap of destiny.

If you live abroad, don’t get carried away. Work hard, be focused, and stick to your goals and you will achieve a lot.

Do not forget that some people you left behind in your home country are doing unbelievable exploits. A regular visit to your home country will help you to take advantage of the opportunities there and here. I hope this helps someone.

Dele Olawanle is my name. I think, write and speak to make lives better. Follow me for more insights and inspiration.”

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