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Ace Magashule Turned Into a Laughing Stock After People Notice This On His Video, See Reactions

It is true when they say life is a roller coaster; today you can be on top and wake up tomorrow on the other side. There are so many people who had everything, but today they have nothing. That is why they say, “Do your best today,” because you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you. More especially in politics, those who know better say that when you are in power you must make sure that you divide the bag because after your term no one will ever look out for you.

Speaking of political downfall, you can never talk about it without talking about Ace Magashule, the suspended Secretary General. Ever since Magashule got Suspended, he lost everything, from weight to public respect. People no longer respect him like before. Whenever he posts something on social media, he sounds so irrelevant. Even when he’s walking around, people are mocking him and taking funny pictures of him.



A few days ago, he posted a video warning people that they were okay on their own because democracy was being abused; in his video, he concluded by saying victory is certain. After watching the video, many people couldn’t understand what he was talking about because it didn’t make sense; however, throughout the video, people noticed that Magashule looks so broken compared to how he was when he was in power; they noticed that he looks so old and his face is shrinking. After that, they started making fun of him and comparing his old and recent photos.



Even the former minister of finance, Tito Mboweni, made fun of him; he posted his old photo and a recent one snapped from the video. Some even said they blame Ramaphosa for how broken this man looks. Magashule was laughed at and mocked for how he looked. In my opinion, this man doesn’t want to accept that he has lost power and influence, which is why he keeps on trying to be relevant and keeps on losing weight. All these court cases must be stressing him, which is why he looks so broke. May the Lord give him strength to overcome.






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