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AKA’s friend, Nota, taken to a place of safety after exposing artists who allegedly killed AKA

Nhlamulo Baloyi who is better recognised as “Nota” or “Lavida Nota” is one of the most intelligent and influential celebrities of South Africa. Born on the 20th of March in 1990, the 32-year-old is a rapper, music executive and businessman. He is one of the South Africans who pioneered Hip Hop and has worked with various hip hop artists like Kwesta. He is the owner of SoFet Urbantainment CC label and has been the director of Sony Music Entertainment since 2019.

Nota was one of the closest friends of the late Kiernan Jarryd Forbes who was assassinated on the 10th of February 2022. Nota has been enraged by the death of AKA because he did not die a natural death but he was brutally killed. Having all the evidence to prove who the suspects are and calling them out fearlessly has put his life also in danger. Below is a screenshot of Nota fearlessly and boldly calling out the suspects behind the death of Kiernan.

Nhlamulo Baloyi’s sister, Basani Baloyi, is a professional doctor who is a very big fan and follower of Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. She is one of the people who are affected emotionally and mentally by the tragic and traumatic death of AKA. After his brother, Nhlamulo Baloyi(Nota), called angrily called out all the artists he suspects to have a hand in AKA’s death, she feared for his life and had a place of safety arranged for him. Nota has recently shared that he is going silent from now on because there is a hit on him now. Nhlamulo Baloyi’s sister did a stellar job by arranging a place of safety for him because his life is definitely in danger for exposing all the suspected perpetrators. May God protect him and be with him at all the time.





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